Call for feedback on a Ports-collection change

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Mon Jan 12 10:52:13 PST 2004

At 5:34 AM -0500 1/12/04, Will Andrews wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 08, 2004, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>  >
>>  To keep this as a "doable" project, I also have a fairly
>>  modest goal:  Further reduce the inode-count of the ports
>>  collection.  That's it.  There are many things which could
>>  be done as a follow-on to this, but that's all I want to
>>  try for right now.
>Personally, I think there are more important issues in ports
>than keeping the inode count sane.

My hope is that those more important issues will be easier to do,
assuming I come up with the right format and the right tools for
this initial (very modest) project that I am proposing.  Those
more important issues are what I'd expect to tackle as follow-on

I wanted to make my proposal public right now, while I am just
starting to work on it, so I would have feedback on what that
"right format" and those "right tools" would be.  All while
keeping this project reasonably modest in scope, of course...

Darren and I will do some work based on the feedback people have
sent so far, and see how much we can improve on my initial ideas.
Then I'll be back, looking for additional feedback.

>Particularly since it is fairly difficult to reduce it further
>without putting large amounts of pressure on the maintainers.  :-\

As I have said a few dozen times now, I have no desire to make it
any harder to work on ports.  I may make some bad assumptions of
how much work I would be adding to everyone else, but those are
certainly not intentional.  As such, people can just tell me where
the problems are, and I'll see if I can improve on whatever ideas
I come up with.

But let me first do some work based on the feedback received so
far, and then I'll come back for another round of feedback...

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