Call for feedback on a Ports-collection change

Will Andrews will at
Mon Jan 12 03:05:01 PST 2004

On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 07:49:25PM -0500, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> I have been pondering a possible change for the way the ports
> collection is done.  I've done a little exploration into the
> idea, but I thought I'd ask for more feedback before sinking
> more time into it.  I believe I have someone who would do much
> of the actual work for this change, so I think I can make it
> happen, but I want to know if the FreeBSD ports project would
> be interested in this idea if I come up with some working
> version.
> To keep this as a "doable" project, I also have a fairly
> modest goal:  Further reduce the inode-count of the ports
> collection.  That's it.  There are many things which could
> be done as a follow-on to this, but that's all I want to
> try for right now.

Personally, I think there are more important issues in ports than
keeping the inode count sane.  Particularly since it is fairly
difficult to reduce it further without putting large amounts of
pressure on the maintainers.  :-\


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