Lost maintainers

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck-lists at netcologne.de
Thu Jan 1 22:16:09 PST 2004

* Sergey Matveychuk <sem at ciam.ru> [gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports]:

> I think we need to make some procedure of taking off the maintainership 
> from "lost" maintainers. I mean maintainers who keep silence for a 
> long-long time.

This is a portmgr@ decision which should be written down somewhere.
Especially when it comes to the definition of "long time".

> I know at least two such maintainers for www/squid and devel/boost ports.
> They block ports updates with their silence.

FWIW, I'd like to take the maintainership of www/squid.

> We can give them back the maintainership if they will back.

I would not like if someone came back and took the port I just got used
to maintain.

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