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Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Thu Feb 26 03:10:06 PST 2004

horio shoichi <bugsgrief at bugsgrief.net> wrote
  in <20040226.011839.feba340b83b4f14c. at bugsgrief.net>:

bugsgrief> First, ports shouldn't need version number. Remember the fine mechanism that
bugsgrief> should retry automatically at checksum failure ? The problem here is that this

 That is totally another problem.  The original distfile of lang/nawk
 is updated, so retrying to fetch it does not help at all.  I can reproduce
 the checksum mismatch of japanese/xpdf and lang/nawk as Kris reported.

bugsgrief> Finally, simply updating the port is not easy task. It's not simple, at least.
bugsgrief> <Flattery: Port maintainers pours a great deal of time, efforts, and knowledge
bugsgrief> unaffordable for us, for me at least, to let the port work./> I just don't

 I know, but that is the responsibility of port maintainers.  And I did
 not say that the updating is a simple and easy task.  What we should
 do is updating the port.  That is simple.

| Hiroki SATO
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