multimedia\mplayer and multimedia\xine

Keith Davis shadowcrest at
Sat Feb 21 12:09:57 PST 2004

I have compiled both of these programs on my Pentium 4 workstation, and 
have attempted to view a Quicktime movie with thse programs only to 
discover that both programs crash on my machine because of added 
Pentium4 optimizations when attempting to watch a Quicktime movie. Is 
there a way that I can turn the optimizations off and compile for just 
i386 rather than the Pentium4. I am almost sure that the issue related to

Opening audio decoder: [qtaudio] QuickTime Audio Decoder
win32 libquicktime loader (c) Sascha Sommer
Standard init done you may now call supported functions
loader_init DONE???
loader_init DONE!
External func COMCTL32.dll:17
External func COMCTL32.dll:16
QuickTime5 DLLs found
QuickTime.qts patched!!! old entry=0x62924c30
theQuickTimeDispatcher catched -> 0x62924c30
Win32 Warning: Accessed uninitialized Critical Section (0x62b7fcd0)!
WARNING! Invalid Ptr handle!
Win32 Warning: Accessed uninitialized Critical Section (0x62b7fcb8)!

has to do with the fact that Mplayer and Xine are both being compiled 
with Pentium optimizations, as I have seen this program work fine on 
non-Pentium machines. I don't have all the technical details  of this 
situation at this point, but I would like to get this issue resolved, so 
if there is someone who would be willing to work with me to get this 
issue resolved I would be most appreciative.

Thank you,

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