New ports need review

Andy Fawcett andy at
Tue Feb 24 11:14:57 PST 2004

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 20:29, John Baldwin wrote:
> I made a port for the monopd server that katlantik talks to.  I also
> had to make a port for libmath++ (which it depends on).  Both ports
> are very simple, but its been a while since I've done ports stuff and
> I'd appreciate review to make sure I haven't done things in some
> weird old fashioned way.  The tarballs for each of the ports can be
> found at
> and include libmath++.tgz (to go
> in ports/math/) and monopd.tgz (to go in ports/games/).

Nice work John :)

I can't vouch for the validity of the porting, but I can tell you that 
you just fixed it for the Helsinki server to be back on line 
for the first time in months :)



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