INDEX build failed

Kris Kennaway kris at
Tue Feb 24 10:28:56 PST 2004

INDEX build failed with errors:
===> comms/xlog failed:
"Makefile", line 32: warning: duplicate script for target "pre-extract" ignored

Most recent CVS update was:
? 1
? cvs.log
? index.errs
? index.out
U Mk/
U comms/gnokii/Makefile
U comms/gnokii/distinfo
U comms/xlog/Makefile
U comms/xlog/pkg-descr
U deskutils/gdesklets/Makefile
U deskutils/gdesklets/distinfo
U deskutils/gdesklets/pkg-plist
U deskutils/gdesklets/files/patch-configure
U deskutils/gdesklets/files/
U deskutils/gdesklets/files/
U deskutils/gdesklets/files/
U deskutils/gdesklets/files/
? dns/bind9-dlz/
? dns/powerdns/
U graphics/backfract/Makefile
U mail/mailscanner/Makefile
U mail/mailscanner/files/
U mail/popa3d/Makefile
U misc/bookcase/Makefile
U misc/bookcase/distinfo
U misc/bookcase/pkg-plist
U misc/bookcase/files/patch-filehandler.h
U net/diradmin/Makefile
U net/diradmin/files/patch-configure
U net/jffnms/Makefile
U net/jffnms/distinfo
U net/jffnms/pkg-plist
U security/pf/files/patch-pf::pf_ioctl.c
U www/httrack/Makefile
U www/httrack/distinfo
U www/httrack/pkg-plist
U www/httrack/files/patch-src-htsglobal.h
U www/lynx/Makefile
? x11/gnome2/log

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