Openoffice 1.1 not building

Martin Blapp mb at
Sat Feb 21 03:09:27 PST 2004


> That's completely wrong, USE_GCC is not to be set by the user.
> Unfortunately for your problem, I think the Openffice maintainers are
> inactive at the moment (at least, I haven't heard from them in several
> weeks about an unrelated problem with the ports).

Since we check USE_GCC inside the openoffice port for the correct
values and set CXX=${CXX} CC=${CC} depending on OS-version, I don't see
why it is completly wrong.

Of course I can also rename it to HAVE_GCC or something like this.

OOO build is broken with severall OS GCC versions, and with severall
port GCC version, so we definitly need to check which gcc we have to
use for which OS-version.


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