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Sun Feb 15 08:48:37 PST 2004

>> (02.15.2004 @ 1032 PST): Alex Zbyslaw said, in 0.9K: <<
> In my latest cvsup the mozilla-devel port has been marked as IGNORE with a 
> note about 1.6 becoming the stable release.  Technically, I'm sure this is 
> true, but it's unhelpful.
> Now, I can't simply use portupgrade to upgrade from 1.6a to 1.6.  Instead I 
> have to de-install mozilla-devel and install mozilla.

Sure you can.

portupgrade -o www/mozilla-gtk2 mozilla-gtk2\*

# Adam

> In the future, I am assuming that there will again be devel versions of 
> mozilla (1.7rc1, 1.7a or whatever).  Having installed mozilla, I will have 
> no clue when a newer mozilla-devel becomes available.
> Am I missing something, but couldn't the mozilla-devel port just point to 
> the mozilla port while the two versions are the same?  That way upgrades 
> with portupgrade continue to work as expected.
>> end of "mozilla-devel" from Alex Zbyslaw <<

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