Problems (linux emulation?) building Openoffice 1.1

Trevor Johnson trevor at
Tue Feb 10 19:06:50 PST 2004

> BTW, do you [know] where teh default "jail" for linux_base is?

Those messages have been causing a lot of questions. :(  Would there be an
objection if I just removed them?  Anders?

FreeBSD's jail(8) is sort of an enhanced chroot environment that has an IP
address associated with it.

If you aren't using it already, the linux_base port won't set it up.  In
that case, you can just press enter when that message appears.  If you are
using jails, then you (or your sysadmin) ought to know the paths to them.
There's no default path; it can be different for every site.
Trevor Johnson

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