Problems (linux emulation?) building Openoffice 1.1

stan stanb at
Tue Feb 10 20:26:33 PST 2004

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 10:07:05PM -0500, Trevor Johnson wrote:
> > BTW, do you [know] where teh default "jail" for linux_base is?
> Those messages have been causing a lot of questions. :(  Would there be an
> objection if I just removed them?  Anders?
> FreeBSD's jail(8) is sort of an enhanced chroot environment that has an IP
> address associated with it.
> If you aren't using it already, the linux_base port won't set it up.  In
> that case, you can just press enter when that message appears.  If you are
> using jails, then you (or your sysadmin) ought to know the paths to them.
> There's no default path; it can be different for every site.

Ah, I understood what a jail was. I just thought that linux_base now used
one by default.

Might I sugest you simply change the message to say "if you are using
jails... the default is not to, if thta is your case, simply press return

Just my $0.2 worth.

So, taht's not what is causing my Openoffcie build problem then, right?

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