Openoffice and thread libs

Paul Seniura pdseniura at
Tue Feb 10 10:18:40 PST 2004

Hi y'all,

Pardon me barging in here.  ;)
I'm seeing the same JVM Heap problem when portupgrading OOo as
mentioned earlier.

The 'files/patch-config_office' looks like where we need to change
PTHREAD_LIBS once & for all.
That patch is changing the original OOo 'configure' script under its
FreeBSD section, starting at line 26 of that patch file itself.
It will set PTHREAD_LIBS to '-lc_r' if OSVERSION is 500016 or greater.
It will override your environment at this point.
We probably want '-lpthread' there, don't we?
(Note: with OSVERSIONs less than 5.x,
 that parm is missing the 'l' on purpose.)

  --  Paul Seniura
      System Specialist
      State of Okla. D.O.T.

--- Original Message ---


> make configure, and then edit wor/oo_1.1_src/FreeBSDEnv.Set and
> In there, you'll find PTHREAD_LIBS= -lc_r. Change
> that to -lpthread and it should build correctly.
> I'm still waiting for a response from the openoffice folks as to how
> this file is generated.

This file is created by configure. I'll try this out myself and fix
the port.


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