FreeBSD Port: courier-imap-2.2.1,1

Ian Mahuron ian at
Mon Feb 2 08:39:42 PST 2004


First let me thank you for maintaining these fine Courier-IMAP ports!

I'm not sure if this is the correct way to address this, but I ran into 
some serious trouble with the 2.2.1,1 port over the weekend.

System is FreeBSD 4.9.  I had complied with both MySQL and SSL support.  I 
experienced various server connection closures (server initiates close w/ 
FIN) in both SSL and non-SSL modes.  Upon reverting to 2.1.1,1, I restarted 
all processes using very same configuration files, and everything works 

I found ML posts on google from others with the very same problem.  They 
reverted to an older version as well.

Thank you,


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