gettext / gettext-old exclusion

Trevor Johnson trevor at
Mon Feb 2 02:23:57 PST 2004

Frank Mayhar wrote:

> Well, I do read the mailing list but I also do use portupgrade to upgrade
> things, seeing as how that's supposed what it's for.  This little mixup
> wasn't a disaster by any means, only annoying, but the other thing I find
> annoying is that the person who broke it doesn't seem to be too interested
> in _fixing_ it.

I prepared a patch--
<URL:>--and it is
being tested now.

> Some of us don't ever "install everything from scratch."  Feh.  The system
> I'm using now has been in continuous existence, over various bits of hardware
> and versions of FreeBSD (via source upgrade) for some eight or nine years.
> >From time to time I go through and clean out accumulated cruft, but there's
> no way I'm going to bring it down long enough to "install everything from
> scratch."

I didn't say you should.
Trevor Johnson

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