gettext / gettext-old exclusion

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Sun Feb 1 04:32:12 PST 2004

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 13:14:58 +0100
Erik Trulsson <ertr1013 at> wrote:

> There are *NO* ports that depend on devel/gettext, so it is not really
> much of an issue.
> The conflict between devel/gettext and devel/gettext-old should kill
> exactly *zero* percent of the ports tree.
> The problems that people have had has usually been because they tried
> to update their installed ports (that were installed before gettext-old
> was created) and in the process got the dependencies screwed up
> somehow.  This is problem with the updating process used, not with the
> ports tree itself.

Everyone with gettext problems (upgraded gettext to 0.13.1) should do
"portupgrade -fo devel/gettext-old gettext" which downgrades gettext to


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