PATCH: Adding config-recursive to

Chris Dillon cdillon at
Mon Dec 13 20:24:49 PST 2004

I got tired of starting long port builds with lots of dependances 
(KDE, etc.) and having many of the ports stop the whole build process 
to ask me what config options I wanted.  So, I thought what if I could 
easily pre-config all of the dependancies?  Here is the result, pretty 
much cut & paste from the fetch-recursive bits.  Patch attached, but 
if it doesn't come through it is available here:

Do any of you committers think this is a good idea and would like to 
commit it?

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---	Mon Dec 13 21:46:44 2004
+++	Mon Dec 13 21:56:25 2004
@@ -611,6 +611,7 @@
 # config		- Configure options for this port (using ${DIALOG}).
 #				  Automatically run prior to extract, patch, configure, build,
 #				  install, and package.
+# config-recursive - Do a "make config" for this port and all dependencies.
 # showconfig	- Display options config for this port
 # rmconfig		- Remove the options config for this port
@@ -4992,6 +4993,14 @@
 	fi; \
+.if !target(config-recursive)
+	@${ECHO_MSG} "===> Setting user-specified options for ${PKGNAME} and dependencies";
+	@for dir in ${.CURDIR} $$(${ALL-DEPENDS-LIST}); do \
+		(cd $$dir; ${MAKE} config); \
+	done
 .if !target(showconfig)

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