understanding errorlogs on pointyhat

Serge Gagnon ser_gagnon at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 13 19:11:00 PST 2004

>>>>> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004,
>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Linimon wrote:

  Mark> On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Serge Gagnon wrote:

  +> I just want to know, finally, why the error log doesn't disappear from
  +> pointyhat (not portsmon) when the port is fixed ?

  Mark> It can take several days for a build run to complete on pointyhat.
  Mark> There are only N processors to farm the work out to, and 12K ports
  Mark> to build, some of which (OpenOffice, some of the scientific ones)
  Mark> are immense.  The current algorithm is naive: it just builds
  Mark> everything in the Ports Collection.

  Mark> For the build farm machines that run -current, add whatever time
  Mark> -current is broken (including the build chain) to that "several
  Mark> days" figure :-)

ok, I understand now. I'll continue to help you(FreeBSd community) the way
I did: with 3 or 4 mozilla tag open on portsmon pointyhat freshport etc...
It is ok.

Thanks to reply me.
Serge Gagnon <ser_gagnon at sympatico.ca>
Quebec, Qc, Canada

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