sysutils/bpm fails to notice that portupgrade is already installed

Seth Kingsley sethk at
Fri Aug 27 14:26:30 PDT 2004

On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 09:07:21PM +0200, Oliver Eikemeier wrote:
> Adam Weinberger wrote:
> >But, in the meantime, if there is a significant cross-section of users
> >who won't be able to use the bpm port, I would rather change the
> >dependency line to make things Just Work. I haven't heard of the problem
> >from anybody other than Dan, and I don't know whether it exists for
> >others.
> Feel free. Note that the problem should hit many other ports, like 
> www/caudium12. Also, have you tried to *run* bpm without portupgrade in 
> your $PATH? AFAICS bpm assumes to find portupgrade there (granted: I 
> haven't tried, just looked at the source, so I may be wrong).

It does use execvp("portupgrade", ...

> In my book, not having ${LOCALBASE}/sbin in your path is calling for 
> trouble, since you assume that every binary that uses these tools have 
> their path hardcoded. When you extend this to ${LOCALBASE}/bin, you will 
> even exclude more binaries...

I agree, of course.  I thought it was ``unsupported'' to remove anything in
login.conf from your $PATH, rather than just appending to it.

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