net/samba3 port sorely outdated!

Mark Linimon linimon at
Mon Aug 23 14:19:16 PDT 2004

> When are you planning to update the net/samba3 port to version 3.0.6,
> "maintainer"?

While we have a number of problems with maintainers not maintaining
their ports properly, this isn't the right approach to fixing the
problem.  Remember that all ports maintainers are volunteers -- the
few people that get paid to work on FreeBSD full- or part-time are
working in the source tree, not the ports tree.

The better way to solve this problem is to send a PR with a patch
to update the port with the latest version that builds on -current.
If the maintainer does not respond after two weeks, it's fair game
for someone else to commit the PR.  If the maintainer does not update
a port for more than a few months, maintainership can be assigned to
someone else.


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