PREFIX-safe installation of apache modules [Was: FreeBSD ports which are currently scheduled for deletion]

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Sat Aug 21 08:25:39 PDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 13:04, Oliver Eikemeier wrote: 
> No. The prefix for apache is LOCALBASE, otherwise apxs won't be found. 
> You don't really have a choice here, and custom configurations (tweaking 
> parameters not tweaked by the port) are beyond the scope of the ports 
> collection.

Makefile.modules.3rd specifically allows you to overwrite APXS, when

> > unless i am misunderstanding the problem here?
> Yes.

i can see that now, in the sense that i assumed a user's point of view
while the real/actual concern/problem was much more elaborated.

>  Which reminds me that we should honor this scenario in the apxs patch.

instead of patching apxs, maybe using it's -S switch (overwriting a
given variable) would help here?
like would the following patch to Makefile.modules.3rd (<warning>i gotta
run in a few for the weekend, so while this is an
offhand/untested/unfinished/broken prototype, you should get the
idea</warning>) adress your (at least some of) concerns?

--- Makefile.modules.3rd.orig	Sat Aug 21 15:47:31 2004
+++ Makefile.modules.3rd	Sat Aug 21 15:52:14 2004
@@ -95,10 +95,10 @@
 .if defined(AP_GENPLIST)
 .   if !exists(${PLIST})
 	@${ECHO} "===>  Generating apache plist"
-	@${ECHO} "@cwd ${APXS_PREFIX}" > ${PLIST}
-	@${ECHO} "@unexec %D/sbin/apxs -e -A -n %%AP_NAME%% %D/%%APACHEMODDIR%%/%%AP_MODULE%%" >> ${PLIST}
+	@${ECHO} "@cwd ${PREFIX}" > ${PLIST}
+	@${ECHO} "@unexec ${APXS} -e -A -n %%AP_NAME%% %D/%%APACHEMODDIR%%/%%AP_MODULE%%" >> ${PLIST}
-	@${ECHO} "@exec %D/sbin/apxs -e -A -n %%AP_NAME%% %D/%F" >> ${PLIST}
+	@${ECHO} "@exec ${APXS} -e -A -n %%AP_NAME%% %D/%F" >> ${PLIST}
 	@${ECHO} "@cwd ${PREFIX}" >> ${PLIST}	
 .   endif
@@ -109,7 +109,8 @@

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