questions about multimedia/libdivxdecore

Paul Seniura pdseniura at
Thu Aug 19 15:27:15 PDT 2004


I ran into another brick wall to get openquicktime
rolling down the gcc342 road.

The new version of openquicktime 2.0.0a1 is
requiring libdivxdecore & libdivxencore.  So I
added those two lines to the LIB_DEPENDS in the
port-side Makefile. 
(It wants curl, too, so that was another line.)
So those lines now look like:
LIB_DEPENDS=	jpeg.9:${PORTSDIR}/graphics/jpeg \
		curl:${PORTSDIR}/ftp/curl \
		libdivxdecore.0:${PORTSDIR}/multimedia/libdivxdecore \

Main problem right now is I can't cajole libdivxdecore
somehow to build it to give us the proper sharedlib
files that openquicktime's LIB_DEPENDS can see
(with or without the .0 suffix in the above snip).

The other port libdivxencore is fine on this.
It properly makes a '.a' file and the make system
is fine with this.  Curl was okay, too.
It is libdivxdecore that won't spit out the
right stuff we need.

What's more, the projectmayo website for these
apps is Blocked By Our Political Firewall. 

I'm missing something somewhere.
And looks like I'm gonna miss a deadline. 
I'll hafta look at this s'more while I'm
at home, fixin' to leave right now... and
hoping & praying someone will answer this to
help me get the rest of Gnome built on gcc342.

Really appreciate any help whatsoever.

  --  thx, Paul Seniura.

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