Problems with trafshow-4.0

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Fri Aug 13 02:45:13 PDT 2004


On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Ryan Thompson wrote:
>>>  _pages_ of different traffic 4.0 somehow "aggregates" in into
>>>  several _lines_ - for example, it shows only one line for tcp
>>>  protocol, and bytes and CPS in this line accumulates all TCP
>>>  traffic. Is this problem known to developers? I see this under
>>>  4.7-RELEASE.
>> Without sounding too much like an AOL use, I would like to be known
>> that I see this behaviour too.
> :-)
> Of course, I'm just the port maintainer..
>       Vladimir Vorobyev <bob at>.
> Nonetheless, I'm somewhat familiar with the trafshow code.
> I tried to reproduce the problem, and I think I was able to see what
> you're seeing on a couple of different FreeBSD releases, and it doesn't

  Don't you think that FreeBSD port net/trafshow should be backed out to 
working 3.1_4 state until this problem will be fixed by author? It will be
quite annoying to portdowngrade just this port after each cvsup...

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