Failure to make install port gtk20

Geoff Gillett s30418844 at
Tue Aug 10 20:10:24 PDT 2004

Can't for the life of me get the latest gtk to install. 
Running 5.2.1 made world including custom kernel 2 days ago, I am a newb so 
not sure what the problem is.


IglooFTP-0.6.1_1    Easy to use FTP client for X Window System
ImageMagick- Image processing tools
ORBit-0.5.17_2      High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
ORBit2-2.10.3       High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
WordNet-2.0         Dictionaries and thesauri with devel. libraries (C, TCL) 
XFree86-4.4.0,1     X11/XFree86 core distribution (complete, using 
XFree86-FontServer-4.4.0 XFree86-4 font server
XFree86-Server-4.4.0 XFree86-4 X server and related programs
XFree86-clients-4.4.0 XFree86-4 client programs and related files
XFree86-documents-4.4.0 XFree86-4 documentation
XFree86-font100dpi-4.4.0 XFree86-4 bitmap 100 dpi fonts
XFree86-font75dpi-4.4.0 XFree86-4 bitmap 75 dpi fonts
XFree86-fontCyrillic-4.4.0 XFree86-4 Cyrillic fonts
XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps-4.4.0 XFree86-4 default bitmap fonts
XFree86-fontEncodings-4.4.0 XFree86-4 font encoding files
XFree86-fontScalable-4.4.0 XFree86-4 scalable fonts
XFree86-libraries-4.4.0 XFree86-4 libraries and headers
Xft-2.1.2           A client-sided font API for X applications
a2ps-letter-4.13b_1 Formats an ascii file for printing on a postscript printer
aalib-1.4.r5_1      An ascii art library
arts-1.2.3,1        Audio system for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
artswrapper-1.2.1   Setuid wrapper for arts
aspell-0.50.5_3     Spelling checker with better suggestion logic than ispell
atk-1.4.1_1         A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
atk-1.6.1           A GNOME accessibility toolkit (ATK)
autoconf-2.13.000227_5 Automatically configure source code on many Un*x 
autoconf-2.53_3     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
autoconf-2.59_2     Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
automake-1.4.6_1    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (legacy version
automake-1.5_2,1    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (version 1.5)
automake-1.8.5_2    GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (version 1.8)
bison-1.75_2        A parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc
calltree-0.9.7      Valgrind skin for cache simulation and call tracing
cdparanoia-3.9.8_7  A CDDA extraction tool (also known as ripper)
cups-base-  The Common UNIX Printing System: headers, libs, & daemons
cups-pstoraster-7.07_1 GNU Postscript interpreter for CUPS printing to non-PS 
cvsup-16.1h         General network file distribution system optimized for CVS
db4-4.0.14_1,1      The Berkeley DB package, revision 4
djbfft-0.76_1       An extremely fast library for floating-point convolution
dri-5.0.2,1         OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers for the DRI
dvipsk-tetex-5.92b_1 Convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
esound-0.2.34       A sound library for enlightenment package
expat-1.95.8        XML 1.0 parser written in C
fam-2.6.9_6         A file alteration monitor
flac-1.1.0_3        Free lossless audio codec
fontconfig-2.2.3,1  An XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
freetype2-2.1.7_3   A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
fribidi-0.10.4_1    A Free Implementation of the Unicode Bidirectional 
gd-2.0.25,1         A graphics library for fast creation of images
gengetopt-2.11      A tool for generating a C function which parses command 
gettext-0.13.1_1    GNU gettext package
ghostscript-gnu-7.07_11 GNU Postscript interpreter
gimp-1.2.5_1,1      The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp-print-4.2.7    GIMP Print Printer Driver
glib-1.2.10_11      Some useful routines of C programming (previous stable 
glib-2.4.5          Some useful routines of C programming (current stable 
glibmm-2.4.4        C++ interfaces for glib2
glimpse-4.13.1      Text search engine
gmake-3.80_2        GNU version of 'make' utility
gnomehier-1.0_19    A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
gnomemimedata-2.4.1_2 A MIME and Application database for GNOME
gnupg-1.2.5_1       The GNU Privacy Guard
graphviz-1.12       Graph Visualization Software from AT&T and Bell Labs
gsfonts-8.11_1      Fonts used by GNU Ghostscript (or X)
gtk-1.2.10_12       Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (previous stable version)
gtk-2.2.4_1         Gimp Toolkit for X11 GUI (current stable version)
help2man-1.33.1     Automatically generating simple manual pages from program 
hicolor-icon-theme-0.5 A high-color icon theme shell from the FreeDesktop 
id3lib-3.8.3_1      Library for manipulating ID3v1/v1.1 and ID3v2 tags
imake-4.4.0         Imake and other utilities from XFree86
imlib-1.9.14_2      A graphic library for enlightenment package
intltool-0.31.1     Xml internationalization support for GNOME, and others
jasper-1.701.0      An implementation of the codec specified in the JPEG-2000 
javavmwrapper-1.5   Wrapper script for various Java Virtual Machines
jbigkit-1.6         Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned 
jdk-1.4.2p6_4       Java Development Kit 1.4.2
jpeg-6b_3           IJG's jpeg compression utilities
kbear-3.0.a.1_2     A graphical FTP client for KDE
kde-3.2.3           The "meta-port" for KDE
kdeaccessibility-3.2.3 Accessibility applications for KDE
kdeadmin-3.2.3      KDE applications related to system administration
kdeartwork-3.2.3    Additional themes, sounds, wallpapers and window styles 
kdebase-3.2.3       Basic applications for the KDE system
kdeedu-3.2.3        Collection of entertaining, educational programs for KDE
kdegames-3.2.3      Games for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdegraphics-3.2.3   Graphics utilities for the KDE3 integrated X11 desktop
kdelibs-3.2.3_1     Base set of libraries needed by KDE programs
kdemultimedia-3.2.3 Multimedia utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdenetwork-3.2.3_1  Network-related programs and modules for KDE
kdepim-3.2.3        Personal Information Management tools for KDE
kdesdk-3.2.3        KDE Software Development Kit
kdetoys-3.2.3       Small applications for KDE
kdeutils-3.2.3      Utilities for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdevelop-3.0.4      Powerful IDE for developing KDE/Qt-based apps
kile-1.6.3          A LaTeX source editor for KDE
koffice-1.3.1,1     Office Suite for KDE3
lame-3.96.1         ISO code based fast MP3 encoder kit
lcms-1.13,1         Light Color Management System -- a color management 
libIDL-0.8.3_2      A library for creating trees of CORBA Interface Definition
libXft-2.1.6        A client-sided font API for X applications
liba52-0.7.4_1      A free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams, aka AC-3
libart_lgpl2-2.3.16 Library for high-performance 2D graphics
libaudiofile-0.2.6  A sound library for SGI audio file
libdvdcss-1.2.8_1   Portable abstraction library for DVD decryption
libdvdread-0.9.4_1  This is needed by ogle, which is a DVD player that 
libexif-0.5.12_2    Library to read digital camera file meta-data
libfpx-      Library routines for working with Flashpix images
libglut-6.0.1       A graphics library similar to SGI's OpenGL
libgphoto2-2.1.4_2  A universal digital camera picture control tool
libgsf-1.10.0       An extensible i/o abstraction for dealing with structured 
libgtop2-2.6.0_1    GNOME 2 top library
libiconv-1.9.2_1    A character set conversion library
libid3tag-0.15.0b_1 ID3 tags library (part of MAD project)
libidn-0.5.3        Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
libijs-0.35         C library that supports plugin printer driver for 
libltdl-1.5.6       System independent dlopen wrapper
libmad-0.15.1b      Libmad library (part of MAD project)
libmng-1.0.7        Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) reference library
libmusicbrainz-2.1.1 2nd generation incarnation of the CD Index - audio 
libogg-1.1,3        Ogg bitstream library
libpaper-1.1.14     A library providing routines for paper size management
libsigc++-2.0.3     Callback Framework for C++
libtool-1.3.5_2     Generic shared library support script (version 1.3)
libtool-1.5.6_1     Generic shared library support script (version 1.5)
libungif-4.1.3      Tools and library routines for working with GIF images
libusb-0.1.7_1      Library giving userland programs access to USB devices
libvorbis-1.0.1,3   Audio compression codec library
libwmf-      Tools and library for converting Microsoft WMF (windows 
libwww-5.4.0_1      The W3C Reference Library
libxine-1.0.r5_1    Libraries for xine multimedia player
libxklavier-1.03_1,1 An utility library to make XKB stuff easier
libxml2-2.6.11_1    XML parser library for GNOME
libxslt-1.1.8_1     The XSLT C library for GNOME
linc-1.0.3_2        A library for writing networked servers & clients
linux-sun-jdk- Sun Java Development Kit 1.4 for Linux
linux_base-7.1_7    The base set of packages needed in Linux mode
m4-1.4.1            GNU m4
madplay-0.15.0b_2   Madplay MP3 player (part of MAD project)
mpeg2codec-1.2_1    An MPEG-2 Encoder and Decoder
nas-1.6             Network Audio System
nasm-0.98.38_1,1    General-purpose multi-platform x86 assembler
net-snmp-5.1.1_6    An extendable SNMP implementation
nspr-4.4.1_1        A platform-neutral API for system level and libc like 
open-motif-2.2.2_2  Motif X11 Toolkit (industry standard GUI (IEEE 1295))
openldap-client-2.2.14 Open source LDAP client implementation
openslp-1.0.11_1    Open-source implementation of the Service Location 
p5-XML-Parser-2.34_1 Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, 
p5-gettext-1.01_4   Message handling functions
pango-1.4.1         An open-source framework for the layout and rendering of 
pcre-4.5            Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
perl-5.6.1_15       Practical Extraction and Report Language
pkgconfig-0.15.0_1  A utility used to retrieve information about installed 
plplot-5.3.0        A scientific plotting package
png-1.2.5_8         Library for manipulating PNG images
popt-1.7            A getopt(3) like library with a number of enhancements, 
portupgrade-20040701_3 FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management 
tool s
python-2.3.4_1      An interpreted object-oriented programming language
qmake-3.3.2         The build utility of the Qt project
qt-3.3.2_2          Multiplatform C++ application framework
quanta-3.2.3,2      Comprehensive html/website development environment
rpm-3.0.6_9         The Red Hat Package Manager
ruby- An object-oriented interpreted scripting language
ruby18-bdb1-0.2.2   Ruby interface to Berkeley DB revision 1.8x with full 
samba-libsmbclient-3.0.5_1 The shared lib from the samba packages
sdl-1.2.7_2,1       Cross-platform multi-media development API
shared-mime-info-0.14_4 A MIME type database from the FreeDesktop project
speex-1.0.4,1       An open-source patent-free voice codec
svgalib-1.4.3_4     A low level console graphics library
t1lib-5.0.1,1       A Type 1 Rasterizer Library for UNIX/X11
taglib-1.2          Library for manipulating ID3 tags and Ogg comments
tcl-8.4.6_1,1       Tool Command Language
teTeX-2.0.2_5       A meta port for teTeX suite
teTeX-base-2.0.2_2  Thomas Esser's distribution of TeX & friends (binaries)
teTeX-texmf-2.0.2   Thomas Esser's distribution of TeX & friends (texmf tree)
tex-texmflocal-1.4  Meta-port that creates a site-local $TEXMF directory
tiff-3.6.1_1        Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
tk-8.4.6,1          Graphical toolkit for TCL
trm-0.2.1_6         TRM generator to generate acoustic fingerprints
unzip-5.51          List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
urwfonts-1.0        Another font package for X
valgrind-352        A (memory) debugging and profiling tool
wrapper-1.0_3       Wrapper for XFree86-4 server
wv2-0.2.2           A library providing routines to access Microsoft Word 
xdvik-tetex-22.78_2 DVI Previewer(kpathsearch) for X
xpdf-3.00_3         Display PDF files, and convert them to other formats
zip-2.3_1           Create/update ZIP files compatible with pkzip

The make fails with:

make  install-data-hook
/bin/sh ../../mkinstalldirs /usr/X11R6/etc/gtk-2.0
../../gtk/gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > /usr/X11R6/etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules
/libexec/ Shared object "" not found
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20/work/gtk+-2.4.4/modules/input.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20/work/gtk+-2.4.4/modules/input.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20/work/gtk+-2.4.4/modules/input.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/gtk20/work/gtk+-2.4.4/modules.
*** Error code 1

Now I do have a installed but not a .200 version, The 
libg install went without a hitch, is the make file looking for an older 

The relevant section in the makefile appears to be:

# Running this if cross compiling or if DESTDIR is set is going to
# not work at all, so skip it.
# We use install-data-hook here to workaround a bug in automake and/or libtool
# that makes the install target for the loader libraries a dependency on
# install-data-am, and not install-exec-am. We need to ensure this gets run
# after the libraries are installed in their final locations.
        @if $(RUN_QUERY_IMMODULES_TEST) ; then \
          echo $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0 ; \
          $(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0 ; \
          echo "$(top_builddir)/gtk/gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > 
$(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules" ; \
          $(top_builddir)/gtk/gtk-query-immodules-2.0 > 
$(DESTDIR)$(sysconfdir)/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules ; \
        else \
          echo "***" ; \
          echo "*** Warning: gtk.immodules not built" ; \
          echo "***" ; \
          echo "*** Generate this file manually on host" ; \
          echo "*** system using gtk-query-immodules-2.0" ; \
          echo "***" ; \
I have no idea whether forcing a skip of this section is a good idea or how to 
do it even if it is.

Any help greatly appreciated

Geoff Gillett.

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