ugly perl module install

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at
Mon Aug 9 10:32:04 PDT 2004


Before I go state in an article that we have an ugly port, I thought
I'd mention it to the maintainer (ports@) to see if you guys want to /
can do anything.  If your answer is a straight "Yep, that's ugly,
don't it suck?" I'll run with what I have.

I'm working on getting netflow and flowscan working.  To make flowscan
recognize the format used by flow-capture, I have to use the copy of
flowscan provided in the contrib directory of flow-tools.  I followed this process:


make (do not install!) net-mgmt/flow-tools

cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/flow-tools/work/flow-tools-0.67/contrib/Cflow-1.051

perl Makefile.PL

no do "make install" on 


will install all the dependencies

now cd /usr/ports/net-mgmt/flow-tools/work/flow-tools-0.67/contrib/Cflow-1.051

and do make install.


The Makefile for Cflow does an explicit check for a library provided
by flow-tools, but in a hard-coded manner:

   if (-f '../../lib/libft.a') {

of course, once you do a "make install" for the port, the library is
moved to /usr/local/lib.

Surely we could, say, include a patch to net-mgmt/p5-Cflow to make the
port check for $PREFIX/lib/libft.a rather than the ../../lib/libft.a?

If not, I'll document the ugliness in this instance and make a cranky
comment about how knowing how to actually build software is still
useful these days, and these kids don't know how good they have it
with "configure" and so on...  ;-)



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