postfix port version numbering -- suggestions wanted

Vivek Khera vivek at
Wed Apr 28 11:20:12 PDT 2004

During the freeze, postfix 2.1 was released, and postfix 2.2 
"development" branch was started.  It is fairly self-evident that the 
postfix-current port should become the 2.2 version.  What is not clear 
is how to handle the transition from the 2.0 to 2.1 as the "release" 

Currently there are three postfix ports: postfix1, postfix, and 
postfix-current.  Obviously, enough people still run postfix 1.x to 
need a postfix1 port.  So my thought is to make a postfix20 port for 
the now old 2.0 line, and have the postfix port be the 2.1 release.  
This way people can upgrade as they see fit, and if they have a burning 
desire to still run 2.0.x, they can.  Or is there any point in having a 
2.0 sitting about?  They're totally backward compatible.

What do other postfix users out there think?   I'm holding off 
submitting the PR's until we decide on what to do.

Please follow up to the list.  I read it.

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