The ongoing saga of lsof-4.71.1

Michael Edenfield kutulu at
Wed Apr 28 10:13:13 PDT 2004

Just an FYI for anyone else having the problem I was.  Specifically,
trying to build the latest lsof on FreeBSD 5.2 more than a couple weeks
old (specifically, world not built since rev1.9 of machine/_types.h was
made 5 weeks ago).  This includes 5.2-RELEASE, for example. 

There is a new version of lsof available, 5.72b, which the author tells
me has worked around the missing __cpumask_t typedef that -CURRENT has.
I'm guessing that once the ports tree is unfrozen the new version will
go into ports, but in the meantime, I've downloaded and built it on
5.2-RELEASE and it works fine.

So, if you're impatient, you can edit the Makefile in sysutils/lsof and 

-PORTVERSION=   4.71.1
+PORTVERSION=   4.71.2
-DISTNAME=      ${PORTNAME}_4.72A.freebsd
+DISTNAME=      ${PORTNAME}_4.72B.freebsd

You'll have to 'make makesum' before you build, obviously, then the
build will work fine.  Note that I make no guarantees that 4.71.2 is
actually going to be the next version of the port, since I'm clearly not the
maintainer, but it seemed like a decent enough guess :)

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