make package not keeping directory owner/group

Roger Sandhi rogersandhi at
Wed Apr 14 17:43:57 PDT 2004

I've searched the mailing list for others who have this problem but to no 
avail. I'm working on creating a new port and part of the suggested testing 
order includes 'make package'. This is where I'm having trouble.

The port installs various files under www/data/directory and has 
subdirectories within there. Those directories should have (and do when you 
install the 'make install' way) the owner:group www:www which is set during 
install through the Makefile. The problem is that when installing from the 
created package, the directories have their owner:group reset to root:wheel 
while the individual files keep their www:www owner:group.

Is there any way to get 'make package' to respect the owner:group for 
directories? On second though, could this be a problem with pkg_add not 
setting the right uid/gid when it installs the package?

Thank you

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