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Gary Hayers Gary at
Wed Apr 14 06:52:56 PDT 2004

Adam Weinberger wrote:
> Gary -
> I've found that in general, the following things tend to delay the
> addition of a new port: 
> * Any build errors; committers may test it, get frustrated, and give
> up 
> * Not passing portlint -A
> * Use of hardware/devices/programs that very few committers to; we
>   want to test stuff, especially from new committers
> * Many dependencies; this is just a PITA (nothing to be done about
>   these last two items, really)
> * Any bizarre tricks or manoeuvres in the Makefile, created by not
>   knowing a better way... if you had to guess at anything, check it
>   against other ports
> * Asking when your port will get committed; I stay away from PRs that
>   generate those requests
> * Being seen as encouraging people who whine about the crappy
>   treatment they received by committers, like we owe the world some
>   fast response time or something
> Double-check your port. If it has any technical issues, fix them. And
> don't feed those who troll. 
> # Adam
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Thanks Adam,

I appreciate all comments on this subject. I am looking forward to becoming
more involved with the FreeBSD project.


Gary Hayers
System Operator
(but not operating a system!)

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