New port?

Walter Venable weaseal at
Fri Apr 9 08:37:38 PDT 2004

I've only submitted two and they were both very simple, and took no less 
than 6 weeks. Latest one is irc/undernet-ircu.   Was comitted about 2 weeks 

Walter Venable

>From: "Gary Hayers" <Gary at>
>To: "FreeBSD-Ports" <freebsd-ports at>
>Subject: New port?
>Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 15:53:29 +0100
>Afternoon porters,
>I have written my first port and submitted the pr, can anyone please tell 
>how long it takes to get it placed into the cvs repository?
>Gary Hayers
>System Operator
>(but not operating a system!)
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