current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot fails on messages

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Apr 13 19:26:54 PDT 2004

Rick Updegrove wrote:
> The current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot both scanning for
> viruses fails on 4 of the messages.
> #20, #21, #23, and #25
> All get through and land in my inbox.
> portupgrade -rva says I am all up to date.
> A virus scanner that only stops *some* of the older viruses is um... 
> silly?  Ok it is not really silly, but it hardly seems worth the effort 
> to maintain a port that has to be manually patched etc.

At least in the case of ClamAV, one ought to run freshclam on a regular basis, 
and the port provides a daemon which will keep your definitions up-to-date 

If your complaint is that neither vendor's most recent definitions fail to 
catch some known viruses, that's a different problem, which you should discuss 
with the vendors directly, since that has little to do with FreeBSD ports.


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