current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot fails on messages

Rick Updegrove dislists at
Tue Apr 13 14:57:02 PDT 2004


The current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot both scanning for
viruses fails on 4 of the messages.

#20, #21, #23, and #25
All get through and land in my inbox.

portupgrade -rva says I am all up to date.

A virus scanner that only stops *some* of the older viruses is um... 
silly?  Ok it is not really silly, but it hardly seems worth the effort 
to maintain a port that has to be manually patched etc.

I have contacted the qmail-scanner maintainer and this is
close to being resolved.  I am not sure what it will take to help this 
guy get his port released.

By the time it is finally resolved and the port is released, we will 
likely all be faced with yet another series of M$ worms that the 
*latest* port version won't catch/block/stop.

I am not simply complaining, or just pointing this out.  I am offering
my assistance to maintain at least these three ports to keep them up to 

I am considering abandoning the ports altogether and just going back to 
the source for these packages but I would much rather spend the effort 
making the ports available for everyone.

Please advise.


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