Second "RFC" on pkg-data idea for ports

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Apr 12 21:25:17 PDT 2004


Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 11:40 PM -0400 4/12/04, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>> What I'd like is some idea of whether this project is worth
>> pursuing.  If not, then Darren and I will concentrate on some
>> other, less disruptive project....
>> If this project does not seem like it would be worth the effort,
>> then that will be perfectly okay too.  Please let me know what
>> you think...
> Note that I am expecting that "silence" means the project is
> NOT worth doing.  I can not commit these changes without help

I would not express it like this. The problems people have with FreeBSD 
are very different one.

Let me explain the very simple problem I alway encounter while working 
with the ports as a plain user.

If some other versions of related packages or ports are installed, the 
installation process does not complete or even stops just at the spot.

It would be real helpfull to users if the package or port system would 
be able to automatically overcome this problem with installing the 
needed version in a way that the installed versions stays intact.

This could lead to a general system where any number of different 
versions of a package or port could be installed on the machine without 
any interferance.

The majority of the users does not even realise in what format the 
packages and ports are stored.

As you explain at your site, this is a long termn thing. The horizon of 
many users does not go this far. Nothing is questioned if the machine is 
up and running, everything is damned of this is not case.

> from some ports-collection experts, and I do not want to risk

This is a comment from a plain user.


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