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Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Thu Apr 8 13:34:39 PDT 2004

# chinhngt at / 2004-04-04 22:13:00 +0400:
> What's the status of x-unikey? I've just successful made xvnkb 0.2.8 to
> work in my KDE3.2/FreeBSD 4.9 after writting a patch. xvnkb is another
> vietnamese input method with a nice GUI menu. I can now write in
> vietnamese smoothly with emacs and kde applications. Though, some features
> still can not work: hotkey to turn on/off input regime, set font for
> menu+interface. Another thing is that, I must change locale to *.UTF-8,
> and in this regime, I can not input russian correctly.
> I'd like to test in a -current, if all is okay, I'll send-pr to ask for a
> new port of xvnkb :)

    What did you do to make it load the library?

If you cc me or remove the list(s) completely I'll most likely ignore
your message.    see

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