vim port compile error (libc.h:33: error: syntax error before "Rune")

Serge Gagnon gagnon_s at
Wed Apr 7 21:21:42 PDT 2004

>>>>> On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, "Kris" == Kris Kennaway wrote:


  Kris> What I meant was that the vim port is detecting that non-standard
  Kris> header and trying to use it, and choking.  Perhaps vim can be
  Kris> fixed to not do that, but for now it seems broken.

A fix have been made to x11-toolkits/9libs.

I hope that this patch will correct the conflict. It's late here and I had
a very hard working day.

I'll look more deeply at this tomorrow.

Serge Gagnon <gagnon_s at>
Quebec, Qc, Canada

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