Problems with USE_AUTOMAKE_VER variable

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Sun Apr 4 00:49:51 PST 2004

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 10:41:07AM +0200, Kirill Ponomarew wrote:
> Hallo ? Could you please explain why my commit were done in
> poor taste ? Did I break your port ? Did I change any function
> of your port ?

You made changes on top of a port which Kris informed me
was broken.  Kris told me to revert the Makefile of the apr
port to 1.32 without giving me a full explanation as to what the
problem was.  Without knowing what the true cause of the problem was,
I looked at all changes made to the port since I last looked at it
to determine what the problem was.  Since I wasn't aware of what your
changes were about, I had to assume that the changes were suspect
as well as ade@'s changes.

> Please subscribe to and insert your port to
> "Watch List", in this case you'll be always notified about
> changes to the ports you maintain.

Could you add this information to the Porters Handbook?
It's useful information that I was not aware of, and I assume
that many other porters are also unaware of this information.
> Already send-pr(1) ?

Normally I do that, or I work closely with committers like
kuriyama@ or lev@ who have been pretty good at working with me
on committing things to the apr port.

People, I know that working on ports is a fast and furious business,
but sending out the occasional heads up e-mail wouldn't hurt things.
Craig Rodrigues
rodrigc at

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