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Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Sat Apr 3 07:42:40 PST 2004

# chinhngt at / 2004-04-03 14:52:47 +0400:
> On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, David O'Brien wrote:
> > Chao` ba.n!
> >
> > I would very glad to make a port of the new Unikey.  Ba^y gio+` David o+?
> > Trung Quo^'c, nhu+ng ma` ky' nao David ddi ve^` Ho`a Ky David vie^'t port
> > FreeBSD.
> In fact there's another program called xvnkb
> (I've tested on some Mandrake-based
> linuxes).  On the site, the author informed that
> xvnkb runs with XFree86 in FreeBSD, but I'm still can not complile
> the 0.27 in my stable (the newest ver there is 0.28).
> Hmm, I'm no specialist in this area so that I just post the information.
> It's nice if there're ports for these two x-unikey and xvnkb.

    It builds (and seems to run) just fine on my 4.9-RELEASE-p2. The only
    problem is the install script is hopelessly linux-centric, so that
    will require a bit of footwork.

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