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Nguyen Tam Chinh chinhngt at
Sat Apr 3 02:52:48 PST 2004

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, David O'Brien wrote:

> Chao` ba.n!
> I would very glad to make a port of the new Unikey.  Ba^y gio+` David o+?
> Trung Quo^'c, nhu+ng ma` ky' nao David ddi ve^` Ho`a Ky David vie^'t port
> FreeBSD.

In fact there's another program called xvnkb (I've tested on some Mandrake-based
linuxes).  On
the site, the author informed that
xvnkb runs with XFree86 in FreeBSD, but I'm still can not complile
the 0.27 in my stable (the newest ver there is 0.28).
Hmm, I'm no specialist in this area so that I just post the information.
It's nice if there're ports for these two x-unikey and xvnkb.
With best regards,		|		The Power to Serve
Nguyen Tam Chinh		|   

Kho^ng hie^?u ta.i sao David co' the^? vie^'t du+o?c tie^'ng Vie^.t VIQR,
tuy la` vie^'t kho^ng ddu+o+.c chua^?n la('m.

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