Why is KDE installing in LOCALBASE; not X11BASE?

Rob Lahaye lahaye at snu.ac.kr
Mon Sep 22 19:30:26 PDT 2003

Eric Anholt wrote:
>>>It's all down to your interpretation of the above segment of hier(7)
>>>Me? I don't care, and I'm not going to bikeshed the issue.
> Basically, this is a bikeshed I don't want to mess with, and I
> personally hope nobody else messes with.

Related to hier and disk partitions, I have a more practical viewpoint.
I consider my FreeBSD system to consists of roughly five parts:
  1) the base system (/usr)
  2) X11 (/usr/X11R6)
  3) the ports (/usr/local)
  4) personal files (/home)
  5) maintainance (/tmp, /var, swap, etc.)

What I like of FreeBSD is the clear separation between 'base-system'
and 'supporting software in the ports'. In f.ex. most Linux distros,
this is totally messed up.

I usually make a separate partition for /usr/local (I also could
for /usr/X11R6, but never do that), and of course for /tmp, /var,

Choosing appropriate sizes for the partitions, is then easier, I believe.

/usr : The base system is more or less fixed (varying whether you want
       sources or not, recompile world & kernel etc.).

/usr/X11R6 : is fixed, if exclusively X11 ports go here.

/usr/local : varies per user, what sort of additional software is desired.

This would plead to move all non-X11 stuff from /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local !!


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