How to patch and fix a broken port?

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Sun Sep 21 23:18:33 PDT 2003

Rob Lahaye wrote:
> I have never done this. So I apologize for my ignorant questions...
> Last week I discovered that the molden port is broken in many ways
> (md5 sum wrong, install broken etc.). I reported it to the freebsd-ports
> mailing list and to the maintainer. I even attached a 'sort of' patch
> that fixed the build in a followup email, but never got any response,
> nor has the port been fixed.
> So what to do with broken ports like that?
> I can imagine that ports are broken and remain broken if nobody
> ever uses them or installs them. But as soon as a port is noticed
> as broken, it is necessary to get it fixed.
> How is the general procedure to get this done?

Fill a PR and send it with send-pr(1). Don't forget Cc a port 
maintainer. After a while (a week or more) if the maintainer doesn't 
answer and doesn't fix the port ask here to commit your patch with "port 
maintainer timeout" reason.

Learn about PR from the handbook, porter's handbook and examples from 
GNATS database (

Fill send-pr tidy and be sure you test the patch applying.


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