sendmail 8.12.10 help needed..

Arty arty at
Sat Sep 20 07:28:48 PDT 2003


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have shared memory in kernel and jail also not
helped. But I have isolated the problem now.

I'm running apache13-modssl with php as web server. And sendmail builds fine
if I've stop it before "make" command. If it's running sendmail gives same

Is that means allocated SHM is not enough for both?


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Arty schrieb:,

> I've tried to upgrade my send mail to latest version today. I have the
> ports tree updated. OS was 4.8 RELEASE.
> When I've tried to "Make" it halts at the shared memory test "t-shm.c" but
> I've try to "Make" again without cleaning it seems to build ok.
> Any comments please? 8.12.9 Was building fine.

Have you shared memory in your kernel,
GENERIC has it per default.

Do you build in a jail?
alle jail to see shared memory
$ sysctl -w jail.sysvipc_allowed=1
2 of 2 tests completed successfully
4 of 4 tests completed successfully

I see no problem yet ..

kind regards Dirk

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