Problem installing/upgrading QT3.2

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Sat Sep 20 05:11:53 PDT 2003

Dragoncrest wrote:
>> > gmake[2]: *** No rule to make target 
>> `/usr/X11R6/include/qwindowsxpstyle.h', needed by 
>> `.obj/release-shared-mt/qstylefactory.o'.  Stop.
>         My guess would be that there's an error in the make file or 
> build scripts for this.  Since this is happening on the "make install" 
> part of the process I'm not sure what can be done for this short of 
> waiting on the maintainer to update the port with a corrected make file 
> or make script.  Aside from that, you're stuck for now.

Bad philosophy!
In that case, revert the Qt port back to the previous working Qt 3.1 port
ASAP and fix it in the meantime.


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