[PATCH] Re: FreeBSD Port: molden-3.9

Rob Lahaye lahaye at snu.ac.kr
Fri Sep 19 23:48:21 PDT 2003

> Molden port has three major problems:

The attached patch solves the problems.

Notice the "rmdir ${WRKSRC}/test/test" in the Makefile, which is probably
not the proper way of moving the empty directory /test/test out of the way.
If so, please change this part of the patch to something better.

Patch attached. Please apply.


PS: This is the first time ever to send a port-patch. Bare with me...
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diff -ru molden/Makefile molden_patched/Makefile
--- molden/Makefile	Sat Jul 19 13:17:05 2003
+++ molden_patched/Makefile	Sat Sep 20 15:36:37 2003
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 NO_PACKAGE=	"Though the source codes are accessible, the author is hoping for distribution in an original form."
 MAKEFILE=	${WRKSRC}/makefile
+USE_MESA=	yes
 .include <bsd.port.pre.mk>
@@ -40,6 +41,7 @@
 	(cd ${WRKSRC} && ${MAKE})
+	rmdir ${WRKSRC}/test/test
 	${INSTALL_SCRIPT} ${WRKSRC}/molden ${WRKSRC}/moldenogl ${PREFIX}/bin
 .if !defined(NOPORTDOCS)
 	${MKDIR} ${PREFIX}/share/doc/molden
diff -ru molden/distinfo molden_patched/distinfo
--- molden/distinfo	Sat Jul 19 13:17:05 2003
+++ molden_patched/distinfo	Sat Sep 20 09:18:41 2003
@@ -1 +1 @@
-MD5 (molden3.9.tar.Z) = 66061c5187193b0a11be548d0da3e2bc
+MD5 (molden3.9.tar.Z) = b6ad8507344c5726e9ec371ea06a6a5b

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