FreeBSD Port: iconv-2.0

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Thu Sep 18 06:53:23 PDT 2003


Artem Bityuckiy wrote:

> Hello Alexander.
> Thank you for your answers.
> The patch you sent have corrected euc-jp tables and now shift-jis -> 
> euc-jp conversion works well. Thanks!
> We have ported iconv-2.0 to Newlib (freely available libc 
> implementation use usually use in embedded systems). I think, this 
> port will be contributed to Newlib later. We are planning to use it in 
> future. We thought this iconv version is widely used and already had 
> tested, but, unfortunately, it is not. We can't use GNU iconv because 
> of its GNU license (We can only use BSD-licensed software).
> Alexander, are you the only iconv maintainer? Where can I get the list 
> of known and reported bugs? May be some mailing list archive exists 
> here I can read bug reports? Are there any documents about iconv 
> architecture  or other exist? May be you know some problems with this 
> iconv implementation. May be some useful links exist? Please, send me 
> all the related information. 

At the moment it looks like I am the only person who have a deal with 
BSD iconv. Unfortunately I don't have  any design documentation besides 
the source itself ofcourse. Hopefully it's pretty clear. All known and 
reported bugs are fixed. I'll send you a full patch set in private mail.

> It seems that we will test iconv for several conversion and I can post 
> you the results of our tests if you want. 

Sure! Please.

> Am I right that FreeBSD community isn't going to use this iconv?

I hope you wrong.

All the best,

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