FreeBSD Port: iconv-2.0

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Wed Sep 17 19:22:38 PDT 2003

Artem Bityuckiy wrote:

> Alexander Nedotsukov wrote:
>> Artem,
>> Apply the patch attached and remake code conversion tables.
>> All the best,
>> Alexander.
> Thank you very much. I'll try this tomorrow.

> Please, answer my questions:
> 1. How can I get the most resent iconv version? Is there any anonymous 
> CVS server? What's its address?

The last official release of BSD iconv is 2.0 and it was 3 years ago. 
Later Konstantin found himself not be able to develop iconv. I hope to 
release 2.1 in near future w/ all my fixes included. There will be not 
too much new but let BSD iconv act as GNU libiconv replacement. At least 
the last is true for the past year on my system.

> 2. What is the status of this iconv implementation? Is it commonly 
> used on FreeBSD systems? Is it well tested by thousend of FreeBSD users?

No it is not. Perhaps better to say 2.0 was guilty in many ways and was 
charged to pass away.
If you need well tested iconv implementation I suggest you GNU libiconv 
wich is default iconv library for all FreeBSD ports at the moment.

All the best,

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