REMINDER: Ports freeze starts tomorrow!

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Wed Sep 10 16:37:22 PDT 2003

Ade Lovett wrote:

> On Wednesday, Sep 10, 2003, at 16:17 US/Pacific, Oliver Eikemeier wrote:
>> They are not a great improvement, but at least we can
>> use autoconf 2.5.7 in a portable way and libtool 1.3
>> is installing libraries correctly.
> Something (I forget what) broke rather badly with one or other of the 
> patches, possibly an artefact of something else in 
> /src/ports-i-love-libtool/* on my devel box.
> I've been stuck in $REALJOB hell for a while, so haven't really had a 
> chance to track down what went wrong, but I'm kinda worried about 
> putting those patches in before 4.9, when the whole lot is in the 
> process of a getting a major facelift (COMPONENTS="..." and 
> -- from an irc conversation a while back).
> If there's time, and portmgr@ is willing to commit to a 4-exp build with 
> just those two patches in to see what breaks, then go for it...

Ok, I'm interested to see what breaks. The autoconf 2.5.7 patches in PR 54254
should be harmless, though.

Is there anything about on the net or is it just the

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