${INSTALL_COOKIE} and shared /usr/ports

Pat Lashley patl+freebsd at volant.org
Thu Sep 4 19:44:28 PDT 2003

--On Friday, September 05, 2003 04:33:13 +0200 Roman Neuhauser 
<neuhauser at bellavista.cz> wrote:

> Could ${INSTALL_COOKIE} include the hostname? If you do make install on
> one box, and then want to install the port on another one that has the
> /usr/ports tree nfs-mounted, it'll report that the port is already
> installed. This is problematic with ports that have lots of runtime
> dependencies, and I had recently quite some of this fun (finding all the
> p5-* ports that needed to have the install cookie removed: my /usr/ports
> is quite messy) with amavisd-new that I built and installed on one
> system and then wanted to install it on another.

If all of your systems have identical configurations, consider making
packages on one system and installing from the package on others.  If
the systems have different sets of packages installed; or are different
versions of the OS; then for safety you should completely re-build each
port on each machine.  In that case, I suggest setting WORKDIRPREFIX to
some directory on local storage (i.e., not NFS-mounted) on each system.

I'd also like to strongly recommend using portupgrade and portinstall.


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