GNU packages and gettext

Simon Barner barner at
Sun Oct 26 06:38:27 PST 2003

> I just used good old `find' and `grep' to look for more ports that
> install one or both of `charset.alias' and `locale.alias'.
> My result is, that there are still very few cases that need further
> investigation. I'll see that I can handle then soon.


The only port that was left to be my well-known libiconv/libintl patch
was mail/sqwebmail (PR ports/58568).

Now, there are the following ports with `charset.alias' and/or
`locale.alias' left:

It is obvious that the *iconv* ports have to install `charset.alias*'.
AFAICS nothing needs to be done with these:

./converters/iconv-extra/pkg-plist:@unexec sed '/^# BEGIN iconv-extra$/,/^# END iconv-extra$/d' %B/charset.aliases > %B/ && mv -f %B/ %B/charset.aliases
./converters/iconv-rfc1345/pkg-plist:@unexec sed '/^# BEGIN iconv-rfc1345$/,/^# END iconv-rfc1345$/d' %B/charset.aliases > %B/ && mv -f %B/ %B/charset.aliases

Same thing applies for `locale.alias' and gettext:

gdm2's locale.alias claims to be some workaround, so I guess this one is
fine, too:

Finally, XFree: I can't comment on that, but I guess these are alright:

Summary: The charset.alias locale.alias conflicts issues some be solved
by my PRs. In order to prevent ports from building their private version
of gettext, some sort of automatic detection should be introduced
(either portlint or portconflicts).

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