/usr/ports/Tools [was: GNU packages and gettext]

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Fri Oct 24 16:29:12 PDT 2003

Simon Barner wrote:
> Oliver Eikemeier:
>>Do you see what I mean? I guess most people use portlint, but few know 
>>about the existence
>>of plist. Perhaps we should have a category portingtools, with portlint, 
>>porteasy, porttools etc.
>>Even if it is only a virtual category it would make live easier for porters:
>>consider to install
>> awk -F\| ' $7 ~ /\<portingtools\>/ { print $1" ("$2"): "$4 }' 
>> /usr/ports/INDEX
> What about a meta-port that like for example the docproj port?

Not a bad idea. I like both, for the meta-port the maintainer has to
decide which tools are The Worthy Tools. But thats fine with me, whoever
does the port is right. The porters handbook says 'use portlint', so
everybody uses portlint:

How about a port wiki?

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