/usr/ports/Tools [was: GNU packages and gettext]

Simon Barner barner at in.tum.de
Fri Oct 24 11:37:54 PDT 2003

Oliver Eikemeier:
> Do you see what I mean? I guess most people use portlint, but few know 
> about the existence
> of plist. Perhaps we should have a category portingtools, with portlint, 
> porteasy, porttools etc.
> Even if it is only a virtual category it would make live easier for porters:
> consider to install
>  awk -F\| ' $7 ~ /\<portingtools\>/ { print $1" ("$2"): "$4 }' 
>  /usr/ports/INDEX

What about a meta-port that like for example the docproj port?

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