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Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Thu Oct 23 09:55:51 PDT 2003

>> (10.23.2003 @ 0757 PST): Edwin Groothuis said, in 1.4K: <<
> Would be nice if you could have a catch keyword for it. For example,
> I'm not the maintainer of these ports (nor capable of being one
> neither), but since nobody is maintainer for security/isakmpd there
> is about zero chance there will be done something with PRs for that.
> Giving me an alert when a PR with the string "isakmpd" comes in
> would make me happy.
> Edwin, happy with a simple email!
>> end of "Re: a reminder to PR submitters" from Edwin Groothuis <<

You can write a procmail recipe to handle that.

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